New Honda CR-V Features

CR-V Design


Every detail is designed to create joy - both inside and out.

CR-V Intuitive Interior

Intuitive Interior

Designed so everything is in arm’s reach. That way you can focus on enjoying the road ahead when you’re out and about.

CR-V Tall Tail Lights

Tall Tail Lights

Lined with LEDs and angled up high, they’re as distinctive as they are visible from afar.



Unlike other SUVs, both back doors of the CR-V open a full 90 degrees for stress-free loading and unloading of everything from big boxes to little bundles of joy.

CR-V Performance


Power. Efficiency. Innovation. With Honda engineering you get all three.


2WD or AWD

From city streets to rougher roads, the CR-V always knows how to handle itself with 2WD or AWD options.

CR-V Transmission


Our Continuously Variable Transmission creates a smooth, seamless wave of power and maximises fuel efficiency wherever you go.

CR-V Handling


A specially-tuned suspension and dynamic power steering maximize comfort, control and driving enjoyment. Dual-pinion, variable-ratio Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Agile Handling Assist (AHA) also enhance the CR-V's direct and satisfying steering feel.

CR-V Technology


So intuitive and seamless, you'll barely notice it's there.

CR-V Multi-angle Reversing Camera

Multi-angle Reversing Camera

Shift into reverse and the rear camera comes to life. With three views to choose from (normal, top down and wide) plus dynamic guidelines to get you into or out of tight spots.

CR-V Steering Wheel Mounted Controls

Steering Wheel Mounted Controls

Contoured controls and a cleverly concealed steering wheel mic allow you to keep your attention focused on the road ahead.

CR-V Automatic Power Tailgate* with Kick Sensor^

Automatic Power Tailgate* with Kick Sensor^

Opens and closes with a gentle kick of your foot, just like magic. You can also adjust the height of the tailgate to suit your stature.

*Available on VTi X and above. ^Kick Sensor will not function if your vehicle is fitted with a towbar.

CR-V Safety


Protecting your most precious cargo.

CR-V Driver Attention Monitor

Driver Attention Monitor

Monitors your level of attention and tells you to pull over for a power nap before you get too tired behind the wheel.

CR-V Hill Start Assist (HSA)

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

Prevents 'roll back' when you take off from an incline. Basically, it controls the brake pressure to keep your car stationary momentarily after you release the brake pedal.

CR-V Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Keeps you on course in bad driving conditions by detecting, then minimising potential under or oversteer. When necessary, it even reduces engine power and manages brake pressure to individual wheels to help you regain control.


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